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Chapter 9

Since Nick was writing about Gatsby's death, is he upset about his death? Nick is trying to throw a large funeral for Gatsby,  but everyone who he used to be friends with have left, did they leave for a reason?  Are they guilty? Henry Gatz comes from Minnesota and shows Nick pictures of Gatsby in his earlier life and also describes him. Does this change Nick's perspective of Gatsby? I think it might because he will see how Gatsby actually came from nothing and grew to be something so great.  Nick moves back to the Midwest but before he goes he sees Tom in the city and realizes that Tom and Daisy are bad people and don't actually care about anything but themselves.  I think this also goes back to when Myrtle died no one had cared and they let it go like nothing. Before Nick goes back to Minnesota he goes back to Gatsby's mansion, what does he do there?  He goes and lays on the beach and is thinking. I wonder what he is thinking about.
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Chapter 7

During chapter  7 Gatsby calls off all his parties, why did he do this? I think he did this because of Daisy and his love for her. He gets rid of all his servants because he didn't want them telling anyone anything, so he must be hiding something. Nick goes to the East Egg to a lunch at Daisy's and is surprised when Gatsby and Jordan are there.  Daisy then brings in her child and Gatsby is in shock because he didn't believe she was real.  Gatsby and Daisy are having a hard time hiding their love for each other so they go into the city together and Tom is getting a bad feeling about their feelings for each other. They rent out a hotel room and Tom confronts Gatsby about going to Oxford and Gatsby tells him that he actually went there and that Daisy loves him and not Tom. Tom gets angry and says they have a past that no one will understand.  Going back to Long Island near the Valley of Ashes they see someone has been hit by a car. Myrtle was hit by a car and the car just dro…

Chapter 6

The rumors about Gatsby are counting to go around New York, that even news reporters come to him and try to ask him questions.  Why is everyone always so curious about his life?  Nick starts to talk in Gatsby's point of view, why does he do this? I think its because Nick is trying to be as great as Gatsby is.  Gatsby goes to this yacht when he was poor and become friends with this man and this man let him live on his boat and once he died he gave Gatsby $25,000. Why would this man be so generous to Gatsby?  What did he like about Gatsby?  Gatsby's mistress didn't let him take the yacht but later Gatsby promised himself he would become rich and get his own and later on that did happen.  Did this shock everyone? I think it did because Gatsby was kind of nothing before and then he came into all this money all of a sudden.

chapter 5

Gatsby brings Daisy over and he seems very nervous and quiet while she is there. "Gatsby, his hands still in his pockets, was reclining against the mantelpiece in a strained counterfeit of perfect ease, even of boredom." "Daisy, who was sitting, frightened but graceful, on the edge of a stiff chair." Page 86. It seems like Daisy doesn't want to be there so why did she go see Gatsby?

24,25, epilogue

Chapter 24 - New Brown

The New Brown church hold the 40th anniversary gala, Ruth and Dennis were there. Ruth felt negatively towards the church because of their changes. Ruth decides to speak at the event, what is she going to say? She throws away the prepared speech she has.

Chapter 25- Finding Ruthie

James talks about college and music and writing, what is James going to do with his life? He felt like his race was stopping him get to the job he wanted. Ruth comes back to Virginia to her family.  Why did she decide to come back? 

James's co-worker invites him and Ruth to a Jewish wedding. Why does he invite Ruth? Ruth only will come if her daughter Kathy can come. Why does she want Kathy there? Ruth enters a synagogue for the first time in a long time and she finally accepts that its in her past.


Chapter 21- A Bird Who Flies

Why did Babeth's death affect Ruth so much that she had to leave? Why did Dee Dee stop talking to Ruth once she insisted on leaving? Was Ruth's leaving also affected because of the relationship of her and her dad? What did Ruth do with her moms Polish passport? Is this going to affect her moms life? All of my families have Polish passports but they are all expired and can't do anything with them.

Chapter 22- A Jew Discovered

James went and found the Synagogue his mother used to go, he didn't want to enter why? James could have gone to meet Dee Dee but didn't want to cause her any pain, what made him think this would cause her pain? Are Ruth's life choice disappointing to her parents? Aubrey taped herself talking to Ruth but James never gave it to Ruth, why?

Chapter 23- Dennis

Ruth talks about the harassment she got for being in an interracial couple. Ruth begins being very active at church, why all of a sudden is she being so activ…

chapter 4

Nick starts making a list of everyone at Gatsby's party, why? Nick describes his lunch with Gatsby in New York, Gatsby starts opening up to him about his past. Why does Gatsby trust Nick? Is it because he isn't like the rich people? Nick sees Jordan and she finally tells Nick about her mysterious talk with Gatsby at the party. Daisy claims to be faithful to Tom their whole marriage but Tom isn't.